Communications: Let's Stay in Touch!


Communications: Let's Stay in Touch!

We want you to come with us, but of course we already know that really isn’t possible, or safe this time. This journey is quite expensive, and it is a bit dangerous. Still, we want to share this adventure with you, and have gone to great lengths to do that in the virtual world. This is where it will appear Click Here!

SPOT Connect Locator/ Messenger

connect techWhile traveling, our location will be transmitted via our SPOT Connect. This is a personal GPS locator that plots our progress on a Google Earth map. It is updated every 10 ~ 20 minutes. The map clearly illustrates our journey from start to finish, when we leave/arrive, and so forth. You can easily follow the journey this way. Plus, if you zoom in you will see a pretty clear rendition of what it looks like where we are. We’re excited to offer this, and feel it will certainly add to your experience.

Additionally, Spot Connect allows us to post to our FaceBook page, and send emails. During the trip we plan to do both.

The third tier of contact will be over our Inmarsat satellite phone.

At various points during our adventure, we will phone into The Kevin Smith Show to broadcast - from God knows where - how things are going. There is no schedule… how could there be? You will just need to be listening to (or better yet, watching) the show during the last of April through May… and perhaps beyond since we don’t know when we are returning.

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