MEET-UP: Feel Like Joining Us?


Would you like to join us?

The end of May or first of June - whenever it is that we finish filming - we plan to head deeper into the Amazon to a 5 star resort a friend owns; The Amazon Rainforest Lodge. We always end up staying there because it's really a great place to relax and unwind. See that tower in the photo? I love sitting up there with a cup o' coffee to watch the sunset, or the moon rise abover the jungle. So here's some big news

We would really enjoy meeting up with you there!

The Amazon Rainforest LodgeKeep in mind - this is NOT a scheduled trip - it is an invitation for you to join us. We have never offered this in the past. 
We recently requested a special deal with our friend Peter who owns the lodge. He approved, and we are offering you a one time chance to enjoy this amazing place at a rock bottom price. Why would we do this? It’s simple…
Because you support Xpeditions TV we are giving back in return. This is our gift to you. Nothing fancy, no strings attached. It’s available for us to offer our friends so we have.

Maybe you’re really interested but asking yourself how do I do this?

Kathy and I will make this really simple for you… Traveling there is really easy. If you’re interested - really interested - drop us a note and we’ll supply all the details. Or, Annie will send you this information if we are unable to.

The cost per day is $120, which includes all your food, coffee, tea, water, juices... You only pay for soft drinks, snacks, or alcoholic beverages.

Also, any sacred ceremony is not included, and usually costs about $50 per person.

To get there you fly to Lima Peru then catch a flight to Iquitos. We have people in Lima to help with the domestic flight to Iquitos.You will buy your domestic airfare at the Lima airport, not before.
At the Iquitos airport you are met by the lodge staff and delivered to the lodge.

No worries, no hassle : )

The view from our jungle hut

Don't even consider going unless you buy travelers insurance. Don't leave home for parts unknown without it! There is a link on our site for MH Ross Travelers Insurance.

Come to the Amazon for a week, or longer. Hopefully we'll see you there. Contact us if you need more information.
Note: The date we plan to arrive to the lodge will be announced mid-May. You could arrive earlier and stay longer if you wish.

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