Beyond The Amazon: Packing for Peru's Western Wilderness (part 4)

PahaQue Tee-Pee Tent (left) PahaQue Tee-Pee Tent (left) Photo by: Jerry Wills


When nature calls, or when it's time for washing up, there are few choices available to you in the wild. Our best decision for this was made when Xpeditions TV purchased the PahaQue Tee-Pee tent. This small tent is very sturdy, and easily accommodates someone as tall as me. It is roomy enough to comfortably wash off the days grime and dirt. With the addition of a solar shower you have enough warm water to wash your hair and clean up nicely.

Personal needs are completed with a portable toilet. We take a type that easily folds into a small pack that is easily stowed away when not needed. Sanitary pouches hold the waste, and deodarent pouches containing enzymes to digest the refuse keep things from smelling. There is even a dandy toilet paper holder built into the seat.

You might think a portable toilet seems like a luxury item. You are correct... whether in mountains or in the jungle, it is! Before you laugh consider this; Would you really want to go behind a bush in the dark… in the jungle!?! I assure you this can be an ugly and frightful experience!!! Trust me. I can tell you stories... It's why we take along our PahaQue Tee-Pee tent!

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