Peruvian Lost City - Inside an Andean Mountain! (pt2)

Bryce examine symbols Bryce examine symbols Photo by: Kathy Wills

Bryce followed the men down one of the corridors. Within a few minutes it led to a doorway, and outside again.

The men approached this entrance cautiously, warning it was easy to walk out and immediately fall off the mountain. Just beyond the doorway was a small ledge and nothing more. Because of a landslide the doorway now emptied into thin air, and a 2,000 foot drop off!

The men had brought Bryce there to see the strange inscriptions at this entrance. They were curious who had made this place, and what the inscriptions meant. Bryce studied the strange writing for awhile piecing together the elements of the language. He had seen and studied this language before and knew what was there. Upon the solid stone wall the text warned others to stay out unless invited. The warning was given strongly, and suggested deadly traps were randomly placed. There was more but was too worn to read without a rubbing.

Now the really interesting part...

Part 3 tomorrow

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