Peruvian Lost City - Inside an Andean Mountain! (pt5)

Andean Village Andean Village Photo by: Kathy Wills

Exploring the underground city was dangerous business.

The day before leaving their village, the men set the children to the task of capturing a few birds. Small handheld cages were crudly constructed and the birds placed in them. They birds were carried as the men wandered the subterranean complex. Deeper in, poisonous gasses might be encountered within some of the passageways. Kathy and I have been warned to be very careful if we go. The gas is explosive and can cause death quickly if you breathe it.

Bryce and the men made one final trip up the mountain a few days later to further explore the city. About mid-afternoon the men alerted Bruce a storm was approaching and they must leave immediately. Ignoring their warnings, Bryce continued his exploration. Upon emerging a few hours later he discovered the men had gone... and a storm was raging!

Lightening crashed repeatedly, the roar of thunder was deafening. Still dry, he elected to spend the night. There was now no safe exit to the security of the village below. Huddled inside, the storm continued through the night. Bryce awoke before sunrise. The storm has passed. After a few hours carefully climbing down the mountain he managed to return to the village. He has not returned to the underground complex since.

Obviously we have not been there, and haven't any idea if this story is true or not. Though we seriously doubt our son would lie about such a find. Perhaps we will also travel there one day... maybe sooner than later. We have the GPS coordinates, and through his contacts know the people from the village we would need to connect with. If this happens, you will read that story, and see the video we make of our exploration, here at Xpeditions TV.

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