Lima Peru: Day 2

Lima From The AIr Lima From The AIr

After a day of rest we are repacking cargo and personal bags.

Since arriving we have added Agustin Guzman, the final member of our crew. Agustin is one of the mos respected mountain Shamen of South America. He will translate local dialects and be our go-between as we meet those living deeper in this remote area. Agustin also is highly skilled in jungle medicine should we need help.

The flight from Miami to Lima, delayed 5 hours, made for a 26 hour day. We are still tired But excited to get to Tarapoto on Monday. Our flight leaves at noon.

Each item now needs to be strategically placed in relation to need and use. During our journey we will need easy and quick access to various items depending on the situation. We expect to finish this task late afternoon.

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