Tarapoto: Day 4


There are few cars here. Instead, nearly everyone rides a motorcycle. It isn't unusual to see a family of four racing down uneven dusty streets on a motorcycle. No helmets, no protection... They run the streets day and night. It looks like a biker convention.

Hundreds of bikes park around the main plaza as people wander the coffee shops and markets. Cool breezes roll off the nearby mountains. The aroma of various fried foods mixes with the sweet scent of the upper Amazon. The night life begins. It's a typical evening in Tarapoto.

We leave tomorrow morning at 3:30am. It's yet another quick early start.

To get to Tocache we must get past a road closure just beyond Tarapoto. We've been told the only road to Tocache closes between 6am and noon. This will be a 7 hour journey through the heart if the western Amazon. It's too dangerous to drive through here at night due to bandits roaming the road. We should be to Nuevo Tocache by 10am if all goes well. We will activate our GPS beacon, leaving it on during the entire journey.

You will be able to check our progress LIVE here!

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