Firstly, Kat and I are doing fine. We're tired, but excited by our progress. Tocache is now behind us. We have more to do and about to enter part 2 of this adventure. First off, we need a few days to rest before going again.

Besides, I need wounds to heal. I'll explain...

Not to be gross but... Jungle chiggers got me. These are half the size of a flea and quickly burrow into the skin. In the jungle women dig these out with black palm thorns. Contact with these things... It's pretty awful. The sore they make quickly swells up to about 2 inches across. the tissue becomes hard and inflamed. Eventually it looks like a cigaret burn. These sores itch insanely... And I'm not kidding!!!!!

The way it looks in the photo below is not due to me itching. These sores normally appear after about 12 hours. It's awful... And I continue to have s few show up each day. Damn... (!)

These damn things got on both legs, ankles up. They traveled all the way to my chest!!!!! Arg... This is part of being an explorer I guess. The uncomfortable part, haha!

Incidentally, Kat hardly got a bite!!! I suppose going meatless has its benefit...

Anyway, wanted to share my misfortune with caring friends. Please send sympathy hahahahaha!!!!!!!

We just got back to Tarapoto this afternoon (7 hours). All is going as we had hoped. There were issues that required creative and strategic thinking. We'll tell you more when we visit with you. It was a bit unnerving being in potentially hostile territory then bring lied to and having someone (you thought a friend) try to cheat you.

Of course there were many more good things than bad. Don't be concerned.

Tomorrow we take a day trip to Polish, a small community several miles away.

There are numerous stones at Polish with similar designs as those we saw 13 years ago at Monte Christo. As you might recall, Kathy determined these designs represented a map of the Tocache Valley and the ancient sites up within the mountains.

The video we've shot up to this point is fantastic. We're excited to share it with you. Tomorrow we shoot more... We are beginning to think this might be our best one yet.

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