Footprint In Sandstone - Bolivia. Older than 5,000,000 years?

Footprint In Sandstone Footprint In Sandstone

Sacred to the local tribes of the Altiplano Bolivia as proof that they had been there forever, this seemingly impossible footprint in 15 million-year-old sandstone (dated by two independent geological teams) had been preserved by the authorities by a surrounding fence as a sacred object.

Yesterday (May 30th, 2013), Jerry Wills & Kathy Wills of Xpeditions.TV (researchers and documentary filmmakers) climbed to this very remote setting near the southern Peruvian border, approximately 14,000 ft (4,262 meters) atop a mountain on the Altiplano in northern Bolivia to further document this artifact - only to find it had been stolen! Undeterred, Kathy Wills followed the stratum upwards toward the peak of the mountain. Kathy discovered two additional prints near the peak. One badly eroded and another easy to recognize! This they have filmed and documented the new site, and GPS coordinates taken.


The footprints are described as being not as clear as the previously known example. The Wills's reported it does indeed have characteristics of a human footprint in size and shape (size 8 ~ 9 European standard) with toe, heel and ball indentations clearly visible. The arch, heel, and ball of the foot are clearly intact. Jerry and Kathy announced this on live web radio yesterday, by satellite phone, on the Kevin Smith Show - directly from the site.

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