Episode 02


Secrets of The Sand


SandWith Special Feature - Sunrise at Machu Picchu.

The coastal desert of southern Peru is unique and full of mysteries. Within this vast wilderness you find mile high sand dunes and outcroppings of 200 million year old fossil beds.

Hidden beneath the sand are relics of a lost world. Ancient artifacts left for us to find if you're lucky enough to stumble upon them. Evidence that seems more taken from the script of an Indiana Jones movie than fact. There is a simple fact of life here in this timeless desert... Truth is stranger than fiction in the land of the lost and ancient. There are many secrets still buried beneath the sand.

It's June 21st, 5:30am at Machu Picchu. Thousands make a pilgrimage here every year to renew their spirit and reconnect with the Earth. Whispered prayers blend with dense fog as ghostly forms dance toward the sky. There is a deeply spiritual presence here that becomes more tangible as you witness the sun rise above the Andes...



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