Episode 05


Flying Shamen
Birdmen of Peru


BirdmanWith Special Feature - Coca Leaf 101

Their images are found throughout the Andes on pottery and textiles. And the story is still told today of men who flew through the air like birds. No one knows if they are myth or fact. If they existed, who were they? If myth, how did it begin? Are the Birdmen of Peru still out there somewhere?

Join Jerry and Kathy Wills into one of the most remote places in the Andes as they investigate the Birdmen of Peru.

You tearn a lot while traveling through remote places. People eat Guinea Pig as a delicacy in the Andes, giant ants in the Amazon and a variety of things we can't pronounce everywhere in between. One thing valuable during high altitude exploration was our introduction to Coca Leaves. They help us breathe easier at altitude and eliminate the flu like symptoms associated with being about 10,000 feet elevation. Interested to try it? Here's the first lesson with your highly qualified teacher... Kathy Wills!



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