Episode 09


Central Peru


OllantaytamboIn central Peru there exist many ancient places that are strange and unexplainable. One of these is nestled midway between Cusco and Machu Picchu near the village of Ollanta. It was built with the hands of many cultures who lived in this, the Sacred Valley. The most recent were the Inca. But this site is far older than that. Evidence here suggests a connection to the Teohuanacan's, whoever they really were. Gigantic stone blocks of pink granite were hewn from a stone quarry at the top of a mountain several miles away. Carefully cut and polished, they were somehow moved across a roaring river and precisely aligned atop a rocky outcropping on a mountainside. No one knows who these people were, why they did this, or what became of them.

When you arrive to this site you enter a timeless place where echo's from the past and technology surpassing our own is easily experienced, if you know where to look. Join explorers Jerry & Kathy Wills as they guide you through unnoticed places that exist here. Unlike most who wearily climb these vast stone stairways or wander along predisposed paths you will see what is typically missed, and hear a different view of the past by someone who knows about the mysteries of Ollantaytambo. And there are so many mysteries to be found here..



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